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Summer days…almost

September 22, 2010

The weather’s starting to heat up in Sydney town and this track by Melbourne MC Pez just seems right for the time. When I heard Pez support Lupe Fiasco at the Enmore in 2009, the crowd went off when this popular track was played, and was the perfect local choice (along with Muph and Plutonic) for the superstar that is Lupe. It works so well because everyone can relate to the simplicity of relaxing and listening to music with your friends, enjoying the moment.

“We all know you’ve got your friends to make your energy last”

It’s been out for a while now, but always keeps a good mood going when it comes on. Have you noticed that something you are worrying about at the moment seems to not matter once it has passed? For me, this track helps me realise that and stop stressing out…you can’t help but relax and enjoy. It’s all about enjoying the moment with those around you. Hopefully it gets you over hump day.

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