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Bag Raiders – So Demanding

December 20, 2010

Off the back of their international hit “Shooting Stars”, the Aussie electro group Bag Raiders present an interesting, if not slightly underwhelming self-titled album. Then again, this may be a skewed view due to the huge success of “Shooting Stars”. None of the tracks seem to have that instant catch, but their suitability for the background as the sun sets before a night out, earn the album multiple listens straight through. Eventually, a few standouts emerge, such as “Sunlight”, “Golden Wings”, “Castles in the Air” and of course “So Demanding”. “So Demanding” sounds eerily similar to productions that Chromeo have put out, and to have that sort of likeness bodes well for this band on the cusp of even greater success.

Stream and download “So Demanding” below, and you can grab their album here.


Chromeo – Hot Mess [Video] & Don’t Turn The Lights On [Remix]

November 17, 2010

The electrofunk duo that make up Chromeo hail from Canada. “Hot Mess”, featuring La Roux, is the first track off their third album Business Casual. We posted earlier the Skream remix of their first single, Night By Night, and here is a remix of the second single from Business Casual, a Christian Martin rework of “Don’t Turn The Lights On”.



September 21, 2010


This blog is going to be about music but from time to time I’ll post other things that I come across that hopefully you’ll find interesting.

The mood I’m in at the moment is one that’s a bit hectic so when iTunes shuffle comes up with such a relaxing track, it feels like the perfect start to this blog.

“Sooner or later, we’re gon’ be free..”

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