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Tommy Trash and Tom Piper (feat. Mr Wilson) – All My Friends

August 1, 2011

The AU version of The Annual 2011 is yet another solid production from Ministry of Sound that complements the UK version well. Mixed by Aussie electro lads Hook N Sling and Tommy Trash, it continues to put a strong showing against the much hyped international versions (though I wish we got 3 cd’s over here…). The album works well combining out-and-out popular tracks such as ‘Barbara Streisand with perhaps lesser known tracks such as Kiss My Trance by The Subs.

All My Friends has a drop strangely similar to Calvin Harris’ I’m Not Alone, and if that’s not enough of a comparison to get you to listen, I don’t know what is. Check it out below:


Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime [Official Video]

December 20, 2010

The newly released “Teenage Crime” from Swedish Adrian Lux, makes me wanna chill at the beach all day long then hit the clubs all night. Signed to Axtone, founded by Axwell, Adrian Lux is in good hands, as the label has released tracks by well known acts Steve Angello, Laidback Luke, and Dirty South among others.

Check out the video below, and grab your tracks over at iTunes.


B.o.B. – Beast Mode [Video]

November 20, 2010

B.o.B. is dropping a mixtape on December 7th titled No Genre. There’s really not a whole lot of information about it, just a big countdown timer on the official site. He goes all out on this track, and if you can believe it, this guy’s gonna be even bigger than he is right now. Check it out:


Flight Facilities – Crave You [Official Video]

November 17, 2010

I love the cheekiness of these guys. They claim they’re from Trinidad and Tobago, and all promo material cleverly hides who these guys actually are. But this Sydney group has got something right – by shying away from the social media sides of things it has had the opposite effect – driving demand for their music. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have tracks like this. The sound is so pure and the lyrics simple, but its a good sign for the music – it doesn’t have to be overly complex to sound great.


Chromeo – Hot Mess [Video] & Don’t Turn The Lights On [Remix]

November 17, 2010

The electrofunk duo that make up Chromeo hail from Canada. “Hot Mess”, featuring La Roux, is the first track off their third album Business Casual. We posted earlier the Skream remix of their first single, Night By Night, and here is a remix of the second single from Business Casual, a Christian Martin rework of “Don’t Turn The Lights On”.


Coldplay – Fix You [Live, Video]

November 16, 2010

These guys are great live, and this is no exception. My favourite part is that everybody knew the words and were able to fill in for the exhausted Chris Martin.


Deadmau5 – Get In The Cart, Pig.

November 15, 2010

Deadmau5 seems to be a bit more focused on trance rather than the catchy beats ever-present in the previous album For Lack of a Better Name. But the intense buildup and change of pace throughout the track make “Get in the Cart, Pig” compelling listening. Much the same as Ratatat, in terms of outstanding musical composition, but more of a heavy beat and motifs rather than catchy melodies. Can’t wait to hear more work done on this track, which has over 100,000 plays over at the Soundcloud page.

(Hit the speech bubble to turn the comments off to skip forwards, but Deadmau5 is not the sort of artist that you would want to do that anyway).

As for the newly released single “Right This Second”, from 4×4=12, I think for me it needs more listening. Too repetitive at this stage, but I can see myself playing this over and over soon. Check it out below:

Lastly this is a sick video of possibly the coolest dad in the world making his son a Deadmau5 Halloween costume. I want it!


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